What: Indigenous Mapping Workshop
When: Tuesday November 17th, 2015
Where: Denver, Co (Colorado Convention Centre)

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop will give technical training sessions on methodologies and mapping tools for use in Indigenous-led projects like traditional land use and occupancy studies, environmental monitoring, shared decision-making, negotiations or inter-generational education.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear success stories, learn & share best practices, and will receive a training on practical Google mapping tools, which can be used to collect, host, visualize, share and publish their map data. The technical training will be co-led by members of the Google Earth Outreach team and Indigenous mapping practitioners with years of practical experience in the field.

Application Process

The application process is now closed

Cost: Attendance is free, pending approval through the participant selection process. 

Who Should Attend?

Participants from indigenous communities and their research partners will participate in the workshop.  Interested groups may include:
Members of Native American, American Indian, Alaska Natives, Hawaiian, First Nations, Inuit, Métis, Amerindian and Indigenous communities,
Mapping and technology specialists who work in a capacity that serves indigenous communities,
Individuals who demonstrate interest & ability to implement and make effective use of Google and other mapping technologies within their community, and 
Individuals who are currently working on mapping projects, or have indigenous mapping datasets they want to map.

We anticipate a strong response, and encourage you to register your interest.